72. Spiral Scratch

Spiral Scratch: Featuring the Sixth Doctor and Mel

71. Island of Death

Doctor Who: Island Of Death by Barry Letts, (read it as a library book)

61. The Colony of Lies

The Colony of Lies: Featuring the Second Doctor, Jamie, Zoe, the Seventh Doctor and Ace

55. Combat Rock

Combat Rock: Featuring the Second Doctor, Jamie and Victoria

54. Ten Little Aliens

Ten little Aliens: Featuring the First Doctor, Ben and Polly

52. Amorality Tale

52. Amorality Tale

76. Atom Bomb Blues

Atom Bomb Blues: Featuring the Seventh Doctor and Ace

75. The Time Travellers

The Time Travellers

73. Fear Itself

Doctor Who: Fear Itself (Doctor Who (BBC Paperback)) by Nick Wallace, (read as library book)