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Stinky shoes? No problem! This hack is here to save the day
Easy way to stop your chopping board sliding around!
This hack will keep your bin smelling a fresh as a daisy!
Bring your dull Teaspoons back to life with this easy hack! ✨
4 cleaning hacks you need to know! 🧼
You NEED to know this amazing cling film hack!
Easy toaster Taco hack that will change your life! 🌮
Mexican night has arrived...but you are out of taco shells? Worry not! This easy peasy hack show you how to get perfect taco shells with the help of your trusty toaster!
How to reuse your old candles 🕯️
Do you have old candles lying around the house? Don't throw them away!! We have 3 easy ways to reuse your candle
Chemical free weed killer 🌱
Want to get rid of those pesky weeds without the need for harsh chemicals? We have the perfect solutuion for you! Simply pour boiling water over them and watch them disappear like magic! 🪄
Freezer Bag Hack for Ultimate Convenience
Discover this incredible freezer bag hack that will transform the way you store and organise your food. Say goodbye to messy spills and wasted ingredients with this simple trick.
Amazing trolley hack for when you forget your £!
Fed up of always forgetting a £1 when you go to do your weekly shop? We got you!! This amazing hack will save you every time! Simply use your house key instead and you'll be good to go!
5 Simple Towel Folding Hacks for a Luxurious Bathroom!
Upgrade your bathroom with these 5 easy towel folding hacks from Morphy Richards! Achieve an effortlessly luxurious feel with minimal effort. Follow the steps today to bring the ultimate spa experience into your own home. Not sure how? Click now to learn all the folding techniques you need!
Light Your Candles with This Quick and Easy Spaghetti Hack!
Looking for a clever and easy way to light your candles? Look no further! With this genius spaghetti hack from Morphy Richards, you can light multiple candles in no time. Try it out today and see how much easier candle lighting can be! #hacks #MorphyRichards
Easy Breezy Trouser Folding Hack with Morphy Richards!
Struggle to fold your trousers and leggings neatly? With Morphy Richards' easy breezy folding hack, you'll be well on your way to creating beautiful closets for years to come! Try it out today and say goodbye to the days of wrinkled bottoms. #hacks #morphyricahards
Easy Cleaning Hack for Sparkling Hob Rings!🍋
Say goodbye to dirty hob rings with this brilliant cleaning hack! Discover how to achieve sparkling results using a powerful combination of bicarbonate of soda and lemons. Get rid of stubborn stains and grease effortlessly. Follow our step-by-step guide for a spotless kitchen! Your hob will thank you later. Try it now and be amazed!