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an upside down brick building on the corner of a street with a fence in front of it
House in Margate with a facade that's slipped down by Alex Chinneck
What an unusual looking house! #differenthouses
a tree house built into the side of a tree in a forest with lots of windows
Cumali.3351 on Twitter
Now that's a tree house!!! #amazingpics
the tree house is built on top of a hill
Movies for the Weekend: Play the Film Game
an outdoor swimming pool in front of a house with mountains in the background at sunset
This Home In Cape Town Has 360 Degree Mountain And Sea Views
the modern house is located in an open area with grass and trees on both sides
The Glass Pavilion, an ultramodern house by Steve Hermann
What do you think of this? It may be in California but would you like it over here? #homes #mortgageability
an image of a house on the top of a hill with a pool in front of it
The Floating House Designed by Benjamin Garcia Saxe Overlooks the Costa Rican Jungle
an empty swimming pool next to a stone building with a view of the ocean in the background
Villa Melana, a Modern House in Greece with Great Sea Views
a large house with many windows and lots of flowers in front of the yard area
Victorian Houses
large victorian home
a tall building with stairs leading up to it's second floor and the upper level
Moving Company Quotes & Tips to Plan Your Move | MYMOVE
House as Lookout. Glen Lake Tower | Balance Associates | Michigan, USA
a tree house built in the woods with stairs leading up to it's second floor
Architecture – theCHIVE
Awesome Tree House
a house with a swimming pool in front of it
The Tao of Dana
amazing home
an aerial view of a house with stairs leading up to the second floor and garden area
Made In Chelsea: How much do you reckon this Kensington new-build costs?
Five bedroom terraced new house in South End, London W8 - off High Street Kensington - listed on Zoopla for £11million
the reflection of two windows in an old brick building
Architectural interest, a Window that will turn a few heads....love this!