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Mint color

Ive got a paint tone similar to the gold (Ace Hardware, Brass Band) for the interior shelves and cubbies of the laundry room cabinets.

Have you got Flamingo Fever? Bring some charm and personality to your home with this fun tropical wallpaper design. Beautiful flamingos stroll along an intense blue background, giving a funky contrast of colours. It's an exuberant design that would look great in exotic living room spaces.

The benefit of combining blue and yellow is that you can add dashes of other colours without going all bold! Would you like to try this duo at your home?

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Learn Design: 12 Free Ways! — You don't always have to spend money to make money. There's plenty of free information available and it is now possible to learn how to design online. Here are twelve great tips, all at no cost to you.