Vintage Ladybird Book on Plants and How They Grow

Vintage 1965 Ladybird Book - Plants and how they Grow - Vintage Ladybird - Plants - Reference Book - Plant Book

LadyBird Seashore Vintage 1960s

Ladybird series 536 The seashore and seashore life hardback book Listing in the Ladybird,Childrens,Books,Books, Comics & Magazines Category on eBid United Kingdom

LadyBird Vintage Trees Book

Another beautiful Ladybird book, l think l prefer these learning type than the stories.

Ladybird Vintage Wild Flowers Book

The Ladybird Book of British Wild Flowers Nature Series 536 Matt 1967 - I was given this book when I was 10 and started me on a lifelong journey of loving wild flowers.

Cassell's Household Guide from 1912. Full of household management tips from the period.

Household Crafts Books - Home Crafts / DIY / Homemaking / Dressmaking / Sewing / Vintage Life - Vols 2 4 5 & 6 available - by junkshopUK on Etsy, each + FREE gift-wrapping!