1967 Austin Mini Cooper

1967 Austin Mini Cooper, four wheel, fully independent suspension, based on rubber cones as non-linear springs.

Morris Minor.

Morris Minor, I've always loved these cars. I so wish they cold be remade with mod air and engines etc!

Nigel wants this for this Birthday! 1961 Morris Minor Convertible via CarAndClassic

1961 Morris Minor Convertible via CarAndClassic - perf present for my sweet 16 dream car!

Grannie's car - a Morris Minor

1952 Morris Minor Series II saloon My car was a 1952 Morris Minor on the front, but from the windscreen back it was a later model. Didn't realise this was illegal.

MGA 1959

My Second car, but first real car, 1957 MGA I owned two of these, and would buy another

morris minor colours - Google Search

British Leyland Motors: Colour Chart for Model. Austin, Austin-Healey, MG., Morris, Riley and Wolseley.