Michael Craig-Martin: Summer Exhibition 2015 Royal Academy poster, Courtesy Royal Academy of Arts

Summer Exhibition 2015 Poster measures 60 x 80 cm. Poster features image of Burlington House.

Pottery, 1969 by  Patrick Caulfield

My absolute favourite painting as a child: Pottery, 1969 by Patrick Caulfield

He gets all his ideas from me, you know... or perhaps you didn't.

I like the simplicity of this piece by Michael Craig Martin. The contrast in the major colours and the use of lines.

Pitchfork (pink), Michael Craig Martin

Artist Michael Craig-Martin's Istallations at Chatsworth House


craig-martin_installation - Michael Craig-Martin’s Wall Paintings Transform Everyday Objects Into The Extraordinary

In this image you can see that the artist has enlarged the objects and putting less on the page i could try this on my designs for my diner poster

Available for sale from Alan Cristea Gallery, Michael Craig-Martin, Intimate Relations: Handcuffs Screenprint, 120 × 99 cm

michael craig martin - Google Search

I like the bright colours and use of layers in this piece by Michael Craig Martin. I like how the use of layering creates an enigma - the elements making up the artwork are not apparent at first sight.

Fan, Michael Craig-Martin

Michael Craig-Martin - Fan, 2002 acrylic on canvas 113 × 83 in / 287 × cm