Trevalgan, Barbara Hepworth, 1956

Dame Barbara Hepworth Curved Form (Trevalgan) 1956 Bronze object: 902 x 597 x 673 mmPurchased Bowness, Hepworth Estate

Barbara Hepworth: Moon Form

Wisdom Wednesday: “I, the sculptor, am the landscape. I am the form and I am the hollow, the thrust and the contour.” -Barbara Hepworth Barbara Hepworth: Within the Landscape at the Abbot Hall Art.

Barbara Hepworth  Curved Form (Delphi)  Guarea wood, part painted with strings , 1955

Barbara Hepworth Curved Form (Delphi) Barbara Hepworth Curved Form (Oracle) Barbara Hepworth Wood and Strings Barbara Hepworth Hollow Form with White Interior (Opus Barbara Hepworth Two figure…

Barbara Hepworth. Two forms with White

The Hepworth Wakefield

Two New Barbara Hepworth Exhibitions to Complement Artist's Tate Retrospective