J'adore le mouvement, le côté graphique et la poésie qui se dégage de ce logo.

Logo Inspiration

Logo with a lot of movement and would work nicely in both color or black and white. The use of proximity is excellent to form the "moving" wings of the hummingbird.

type design

Eric Gill’s own drawing from 1933 of the capital ‘G’ from Gill Sans. Via: Design Is Fine. History Is Mine

Likes the black and white contrast. Depicts harmony and flow. Also could symbolize the trinity. Ultimate Graphics Designs is your one stop shop for all your Graphics And Video Solutions!


Sans Serif Sans Serif is the opposite of Serif, I remember this by saying that San Serifs as no tales. Sans Serif fonts are my preferred fonts, especially as some San Serif types gives a more modern feel and approach to work.

Univers 55 _ Adrian Frutiger

fi (Originaltitel) Univers 55 (Untertitel) design by Adrian frutiger. sketches by frutiger himself

Fall holiday and alternative Thanksgiving decor ideas that go beyond the traditional. Pampas grass, moody colors, and mixed patterns.