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- Wayfinding tech**interesting way to guide people, and it goes back to the lines of the fields and shadow. This is way too bright, bit it could be neat if done subtly**

#Signage #WayFinding

Kalmar Konstmuseum

Kalmar Konstmuseum, Kalmar, Sweden designed by Tham and Videgard Hansson Arkitekter AB - sign design stuff -

concrete signage

The use of stone makes it look very elegant. Matches very well with a high end hotels. The gold creates a good contrast that emphasizes "high end" but the font may be a bit.

Sinalização Placi by Augusto Ribeiro #grafica #design #segnaletica

Simple directionals that are clean, legible and visually interesting. Sinalização Placi by Augusto Ribeiro

Kelly Wearstler's new clothing boutique on Melrose Avenue.

Multitalented designer Kelly Wearstler has opened an eponymous Los Angeles boutique that showcases the breadth and daring of her creative output. The goods include not only home furnishings but also her recently launched line of clothing and accessories.

Operator 25 Cafe on Behance

Long known as one of Melbourne's top Cafe's, the owners of Operator 25 asked if we could revitalise the brand and the Cafe's interior. Our new graphic treatment draws on the cords and connection holes from traditional telephone exchange switchboards.