BBC Test card

The iconic BBC test card F, starring Bubbles the Clown: terrifying viewers since 1967

MOUSIE - MOUSIE.....SPEARS GAMES c1963... I had this, I cant remember how you play it, but I remember it!

SPEARS GAMES I remember this game but with a huge orange wedge of cheese instead of the bucket. Can't remember how we played it but it was a game for pre-schoolers!

Eerste computerspel pong, speelde je op de tv!

Pong Made in Germany 1977 - ok didn't know this was a German thing. I remember my parents and me playing this in the pre-computer games era.

I think everyone's house had at least one of these! My mum still has hers!

Wooden Antelope - my Mum had one of these which we knocked an antler off!

Joe and Petunia, 1970s

Public information adverts - Joe & Petunia ( Coastguard info ad) Joe sees a man drowning but Petunia only has eyes for the Lifeguard. Loved these films, classy and they did what they were supposed

Dick Dastardly and Muttley! #wackyraces

Dick Dastardly and Muttley - Big Fan of Hannah Barbera, This was a great cartoon. Two of the best voices in cartoon history.

Metal Roller SKATES.. yo tenía estos, blancos!

I had a set of skates like this, too - these are the type of skates being referred to in the Melanie song "Brand New Key" in the Hewlett-Packard ad. You were in big doggy-poo if you lost your key


Super vintage tin toy yone japan c1960s clockwork coffin bank money box

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Previous pinner says:!Top of the Pops albums. These albums, often sold for in Woolworths, contained all the chart hits, but performed by Butlins cabaret bands, who were paid with beer and crisps.

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