Mid twenty's male who enjoys doing portraits, mostly in mixed media
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Danielle ~ The Clay Lady - Pottery Trimming Tutorial - YouTube

Danielle ~ The Clay Lady demonstrates techniques for proper trimming of pots. The Clay Lady's Studio is a square foot educational facility located at M.

How to Make Pottery Bowls : Trimming a Foot of Clay Pottery Bowls: Part 3

Learn how to trim the foot the clay when you're making clay pottery bowls with expert tips on throwing on pottery wheels in this free video art lesson.

This Pottery Foot & Rim Shaper and Trimmer is a must-have essential clay tool for any ceramic artists - no toolkit is complete without one! The Foot and Rim Shaper end has a smooth concave edge to effortless create a consistent foot on all pieces (pots, bowls, cups, vases, cylinders, etc). The opposite Trimmer end has a sharp and pointed angle for cutting, slicing, scraping, and trimming the bottom of pots while they are on the potter’s wheel. This Pottery Foot & Rim Shaper and Tr...

Pottery FOOT & RIM Shaper with Trimmer, Shape Trim Slicing Bottom of Pot, Wheel Throwing Tools, bowls cups vases cylinder foot