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Moon to Moon: Bohemian Bedroom Inspiration. // I would kill to have a window above my bed!

// @allisonnkelleyy

INTERIOR I LIVING ROOMS Informality is to be learn from the boho living room. Relaxed, friendly, unofficial style or nature, abs.

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Often it can be a good deal less costly than a hotel, and you may come across some truly one-of-a-kind and intimate areas to stay. Finally getting a whole room devoted to watching films are sometimes a big accomplishment.

Freshen Up Your Home With These Design Hacks - Cream And Dark Navy Blue Tribal Pattern Print Bed Throw Boho Chic Interior Style Bedroom Accessory Home Decor

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Make a tight space feel like home with wall tapestries, lights, pictures, dream catchers, and decorative pillows. A small closet can become a great escape.

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this tapestry reminds me of bonfires during the summer and looking up at the sky while camping. A perfect reminder of hat summer nights look like to put in your room

Planets tattoo                                                                                                                                                      More

Planets tattoo - I REALLY LOVE this design and the placement is great (not sure how it would work w/ my body hair). I like how the planets are simple yet detailed