Maths Group Challenges Puzzle Sheets

These are ideal for keeping pupils busy for a period on problem-solving and number-crunching. The puzzles vary in difficulty so I let pupils do the questio.

Mathemagic. Games. Investigation. KS3 Ages 11-14

Excel Spreadsheets for the effect Total Disbelief. A collection of mathematical magic tricks for teachers.

KS2/KS3 Problem Solving Questions - 10 Problems

Appealing in design and meeting the key aims of the new Maths National Curriculum, these questions will test pupils on many aspects of upper and early learning stages, encouraging them to utilise a variety of problem solving skills and confirming .

A Year of Weekly Homework

21 cartoons showing mathematical definitions. Not sure where I got these - just collected over time. Apologies if anyone recognises one of their cartoons!

Maths Investigations

Based on the Science tasks produced in East Sussex, these investigation starter sheets give an introduction to a topic for investigation, with levelled guidance for progressing the investigation and to allow self- and peer-assessment.

First week activities - Resources - TES

4 activities for the first week back at school. Gives the children a chance to get to know each other and think/learn about themselves. A list of resources is included along with a worksheet and basic templates. The activities also include work that .