looks like there is a slot of glassabove roof and below beam to first floor- must be very high existing ceilings- great idea in this West London House

West London House bright, light can enter, extension in glass, conservatory/ sunroom, terrace and garden

Jonathan Tuckey 11

Yew Tree House Extension par Jonathan Tuckey Design

Jonathan Tuckey Design adds glazed extension to Grade II-listed Yew Tree House. Like the modern extension with the old building

glass extension kitchen space

House With Floor To Ceiling Glass And Beautiful Nature Views - extension dining extension home extension kitchen wall tour home home for sale


Architect Gregory Phillips created an airy addition for a Victorian just outside London, which opens out onto a decidedly nontraditional English garden—a large lawn bordered by exotic palms, bamboos, ferns, and other flamboyant foliage.

Glass roof and stone walls -wow! Farmhouse Extension - Jeff Kahane

House Designs Featuring Glass Extensions – Enjoy Nature From The Comfort Of Your Home

Green Roof Structure

The Angle of your Dangle… ;)

An extensive green roof is a green roof that is less than thick. As opposed to an intensive green roof that is more than thick.