The World of Legend

LEGEND, PRODIGY, and CHAMPION are a sci-fi trilogy set in a dark, futuristic world. They star Day, a young criminal seeking the truth, and June, a brilliant military prodigy groomed for greatness by her dictator.
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Narrow alleys. [The Art Of Animation, Jonas De Ro]

The Art Of Animation, Jonas De Ro Concept Art SteamPunk Fashion Sci-Fi I pinned this because i thought it would make a good background concept for my character design.


*circuit brain* she is literal, factual, expansive memory and acts more like a robot than a human but is made entirely of that. Vulnerable, fragile, a weaker body than most people. Closed off but blunt and curious (in her own way).

" Booker spit blood in the mans face, earning him a solid punch to the abdomen. Well, there goes another rib. The man smiled, "You don't know her as well as I do then.

Fiery silhouettes and flames glinting in the darkness on overcast nights;

Day's hospital escape.

The new campaign reunites Wrangler, the original American adrenaline-fuelled denim brand, with stunt people . a breed of heroes who embody Wrangler's message: We Are Animals.

back blonde_hair from_behind full_body male_focus original pants re_degrees_(red_flagship) shirtless sitting solo underwear web_address white_pants


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