The World of The Young Elites

THE YOUNG ELITES, THE ROSE SOCIETY, and THE MIDNIGHT STAR are a trilogy set in a fantasy, Renaissance-like world where magic is new and misunderstood. It stars a girl named Adelina who is essentially the teen female version of Darth Vader, and chronicles her downfall to the dark side. (WARNING: If you haven't read the book yet, be careful reading the user comments in the pins below! There are some spoilers!)
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drawing eyes quotes creepy Sketch monster ghost Stephen King pencil drawing <-- black eyes like demons in Supernatural!

Reminds me of Raffaele (but with different hair).

Miles to Go

Finn -- "you can't spend your whole life waiting for one adventure. You just gotta start living.

[by Re°]

Roped into things. Tied down, captured and kept in a dungeon. Been there since birth but he's only seen the light. Thinks he's human but he's an angelic criminal (for something that would have happened in the future)

[Guard by wlop on DeviantArt]

Discover the Art of Wang Lin, a Chinese hobbyist digital artistliving in Hong Kong and creating a web comic called GhostBlade

[Lynn Hye Ryoung Yang]

Lynn Hye Ryoung Yang is a freelance concept artist and matte painter working in the entertainment industry.

Warriors that are trained since youth to catch killers and fight evil. Each Hero has to complete training before they are allowed into the world to serve the Queen Isolde.

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