The World of Warcross

Warcross is my new series coming out in Fall 2017. I'm ridiculously excited to tell you all more about this story, but for now, you can follow this board for a glimpse into the world, and pre-order now on Amazon:
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Section 8 fan art by Zhang Yimin. (via ArtStation - Section 8 fan art, Zhang Yimin)

Brigida The Foul. She was one of the rare White Dragonwitches and feared—for good reason—throughout the Southlands and beyond. Everyone, even the Cadwaladrs, kept waiting for her to die . but she simply wouldn’t. (A Tale of Two Dragons)

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*Final battle b/w bebop and Will* specifically: this one's Will, with some help from the blue electric angles

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[by pascalcampion]

Douglas Dietrich hosts Paths of the Great Adventure - August 2017 - guest Abdul Qadim-Haqq and Michelle Carmela Saldana E’‘er Back-In-Drag in one form or.

This is the alley that Erik looks at. The single light will show a female shadow. Also, it works perfectly that there are Chinese letters because Brigid lives there.

Those who do not believe in magic will never find it. This shows that magic is in your hands no matter what. (Galaxy in hands)