Jordan at SEX (Vivienne Westwood & Malcom McLaren's shop) on the Kings Road, London [circa1975]

Jordan at Vivienne Westwood & Malcom McLaren's punk boutique Sex on the Kings Road in London

Vivienne Westwood, 1974. S)

Vivienne Westwood (in plaid) leans against a telephone box with other punk girls on a London street, 1977 Image via Sabotage Times © Condé Nast Archive/Corbis

Style Icon: Malcolm McLaren

Whenever I think about punk tartan I always think Malcolm McLaren. Here he is wearing a Cash For Chaos Punk shirt

Taylor Momsem, Style Icons, Taylors, Pretty Reckless, Perfect Woman, Girls, Perfect Wife

Vintage Westwood "SEX Craft must have clothes" - 1970s

Trouble at the Met: Status of half of the punk collection downgraded but dubious designs continue to toxify Costume Institute collection

1970s original SEX PISTOLS Seditionaries vintage by IAGAINSTI2012, $450.00

Antique Miniature Cast Iron Pot Belly Stove Vintage Dollhouse Collectible

1970s original SEX PISTOLS Seditionaries vintage by IAGAINSTI2012, $450.00

Original Westwood/McLaren 1977 SOLD

Original punk music memorabilia and clothing including original Vivienne Westwood / Malcolm McLaren Seditionaries clothing. Sex pistols and Jamie Reid designs.