One of the very common mid to late 'atomic' Formica patterns - many a kitchens redone had this for counter tops and lots of kitchen tables had this and similar patterns in those trendy pink/black/gray shades.

1952 Formica Bathroom This turquoise, yellow, gray, and chartreuse bathroom was published inAmerican Home.

Re-purposed old stuff. I love it!

Styling and Salvage: Rupert Blanchard at Ally Capellino / Material Details

Re-purposed old stuff! I love it.

Re-purposed old stuff!

1950s House, Mid Century Kitchens, Atomic Age, Kitsch, Furniture Decor, Advertising, Ads, Horror, Furniture

50s feel

Vintage Roll Wallpaper Border, Diner Theme, Black and White, Neon Fifties Design 11 Sealed Rolls 12 Available

car chrome

car chrome

Genuine 1950s wallpaper

Genuine 1950s wallpaper