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a group of young men sitting next to each other with guitars on their shoulders and hands up in the air
The Coral
an orange sticker with the word'the yard'written in brown on it
Electronics, Cars, Fashion, Collectibles & More | eBay
the coral
the doors collaged together in an image with words above them and images below
The Coral - The Coral ' I Remember When'
the cover art for the album, the coral and the curse of love is shown
Curse of Love
The Coral - Curse of Love [VINYL] Skeleton Key records
a man wearing sunglasses and holding a cell phone up to his face in front of a microphone
Stevie Wonder in the studio (1968)
the sign for arctic monkeys is lit up in the dark at night with street lights
arctic monkeys.♡
a black and white photo of a man holding his hands up in the air while standing on stage
Ian Curtis of Joy Division at Queen’s Hall, Leeds, September 8, 1979, by Kevin Cummins
an old concert poster for futurama's five queens hall - leds
futurama 5
two black and white photographs of people walking across a bridge with the caption'effing walk bridge, princess parkway, hume, manchester uk 6 january 2009
joy division
a man in silver pants and boots posing for a photo
David Bowie is at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London:: The British music icon has given the museum unprecedented access to his archives, including more than 60 costumes, from spangled Ziggy Stardust–era bodysuits to the Union Jack coat he designed with Alexander McQueen. @Vogue
black and white photograph of various electronic devices on brick wall with wires running through them
overhead shot of the Beatles
a man with long hair and beard playing guitar at a music concert in front of microphones
Cast - John Power
a black and white logo with the letter p in it's center, on a dark background