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the entrance to borough market is lit up at night, with people walking through it
Borough Market, Southwark, London
two people walking past a store front with boxes on the sidewalk in front of it
Neal's Yard Dairy Borough Market Shop - London, UK (also a location in Covent Garden)
the inside of a restaurant with tables, chairs and chalkboard on the wall behind it
Creperie du Monde | Penny Blood's Black Book - My Independent Guide to London
Creperie du Monde | London
a restaurant with lots of tables and chairs in front of large windows that look out onto the city
SHOREDITCH HOUSE - Updated 2024 Specialty B&B Reviews (London, England)
shoreditch house . london
an old building with a sign that says donuts coffee shop on the front door
New York Model
// New York Coffee Shop by Randy Hage
a woman sitting at a table in front of a blue and white building with the words paper & cup on it
Paper & Cup Coffeeshop, Shoreditch, London. Photo: Rob Bentley
an old truck is parked in the middle of a store filled with pastries and breads
Recipease | London
Recipease | London
a store front with an assortment of goods on display in the window and behind it is a sign that says, the great tasting outdoors
Daylesford | London
Daylesford | London
a table and chairs in front of a sign that says bloom on the side of a building
Maison Trois Garçons | London
Maison Trois Garçons | London
a brick building with a window that has bread and pastries on the windowsill
Campania Gastronomia | Shoreditch, London
the interior of a coffee shop with exposed brick walls and ceiling fans hanging from the ceiling
Не овсянкой единой
The Good Life, London
an outdoor market with baskets full of food
Kitchen / housewares display
a store front with lots of items in the window
Lina Stores Brewer Street
Lina Stores Ltd. | Brewer Street, London
a display case in a store filled with lots of food
Sort your sorry insides out with some cold-pressed goodness from Marylebone's Roots & Bulbs...
Roots & Bulbs — Marylebone, London