Before & After

Images of work we have undertaken illustrating how the garden looked before & after we completed the work.
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two pictures side by side of a building with a trash can
Small gate & fence for a customer who wanted privacy and security so their dog could wonder freely and happily in their garden.
before and after photos of a brick driveway
Scrubbing this driveway with a brush and driveway cleaner gave it a spring clean look.
two different views of the same lawn with grass and mulchs in between them
Edging the lawn - it can make a big difference to the overall look of the garden.
there are several poles in the grass near trees
Overgrown, but it can come good. With regular care and attention this garden can be made to look much more welcoming.
there are several poles in the grass near trees
Overgrown and wild - to usable space.
two pictures of hedges in front of a house, one is red and the other is green
A little more kerb appeal with a neatly trimmed privet hedge.
two pictures of the same area with grass and trees in it, one is empty
An overgrown garden. The grass and hedges had been left to their own devices for a year. We made a start in bringing this garden back into being a usable space to be enjoyed.
two pictures of the same shrub in different stages of growth
An overgrown & unloved hedge. With regular trimming it will look great once again.
two pictures of the same lawn in different stages of being mowed
An everyday common or garden privet hedge - trimmed neat & looking good.
two pictures of bushes in front of a house
For one brief moment I considered trimming this hedge into the shape of a chicken (topiary fun - tee hee). I settled for a neat ball.
two pictures of the same hedges in front of an apartment building with for sale signs
This property was for sale. The garden was letting it down a little. We wanted to give the property some kerb appeal. Achieved by a nice and neat hedge trim.
there are two different views of the same hedge
Regular maintenance will bring this garden hedge back to its former glory.
two pictures of green plants growing on the side of a road
Neat & Tidy = kerb appeal
two pictures of the same side of a fence with bushes growing on it and in between
This is the difference regular trimming can make to a privet hedge.
four different shots of the same green hedge
Hedges that had become overgrown and bare, are now neat and full - after regular garden maintenance visits.