Photos of some of the lawns we worked on over the summer of 2013.
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two pictures showing different types of lawn grass
Some people just cut grass, & some people care for grass. Left: cut by someone claiming to have 25yrs exp🙈 Right: cared for by me
green grass that is growing in the ground
We shall be growing and caring for lots of this type of plant this year. It's great for ground cover. It's extremely hardy - it can survive the worst of Scottish winters. It also responds well to regular pruning. Sow the seeds in early Spring for Summer green colour & a lifetime of enjoyment. *note: requires regular pruning if lush, soft, carpet look is to be achieved.
an empty yard with grass and bushes in the back ground, next to a fence
Another neat & tidy lawn. Great for children to play on.
an empty backyard with green grass and wooden fence
With regular cutting, this lawn will entice the customer to their decking.
the grass is green and ready to be mowed
This was looking poorly in spring. It's looking better now.
an open field with grass and some bushes
Chequerboard stripes.
the grass has been mowed down and is ready to be cut
I like this lawn. The curves are very pleasing on the eye.
a small tree in the middle of a lawn
Needs more attention around the tree, but this lawn was full of moss at the start of summer - much less now.
the back yard has been mowed and grass is trimmed
Nice and neat.