Mr & Mrs Gardens Limited ❄️Winter❄️ photos
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a tree with no leaves in front of a building on a snowy day and the sky is dark
Trees are sleeping. Even without leaves they can look great covered in snow.
a small christmas tree sitting in the middle of a snow covered yard with two chairs
a garden with snow on the ground and several potted trees in the back yard
a lego man is shoveling snow in front of a sign that reads mr & mrs gardens ltd
The thaw is on for now, but if the snow returns to East Kilbride we'll be ready with our Ariens Sno-Tek snow blower 💨❄️
a man in an orange suit is holding a baseball bat and wearing safety gear while standing next to a van
Winter Wizard salt sticks. White de-icing salt contained in a convenient tube ready to be shaken on icy doorsteps or paths.