Trafalgar Square, London - 1920s  The birds have been going there for many years.

Trafalgar Square, London ca. "Scanned picture from my grandfather's album, taken in the °

Victoria Station, Victoria Street, Westminster, London 1915

Victoria Station, Victoria Street, Westminster, London 1915 by Howarth-Loomes

Lift girls, Selfridges, 1928. Decades prior to the ample shopping my beloved late mother and I did there in the 1980s.

Lifts at Selfridge's, Oxford Street, Westminster, London, 1928 - taken here from Shadwell to see Father Christmas - early

Regent St, 1920. The Shops of Old London ++ #glassslides

vintage everyday: 40 Amazing Vintage Photographs That Capture Everyday Life in London during the

London in the 1920s-street shoeblack

London in the shoeblack A job that still exists in many poorer countries, but which all but died out in the UK after world war except for the west end of London.

Selfridges, Oxford Street, seen from Balderton Street. 1937

Selfridges, Oxford Street, decked out for the Coronation of King George VI in 1937 as seen from Balderton Street.

Monument Street 1920s

Jack the Ripper Photo Archive - Miscellaneous Images/Monument Street

Traffic in London in 1927 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Public transportation: Double-decker buses in London, in Tottenham Court Road at the junction with Oxford Street/New Oxford Street.