DECK THE HALLS Button Card. You could also do this on a small canvas as a nice Christmas decoration for the kids to make for the parents. I would use a really strong glue, like E-600 for the buttons. But, if kids are making it, probably a good tacky glue will work well; just make sure it pushes through the button holes to lock them on. Let the kids use a fine line sharpie to make the hangers.

"Deck the Halls" DIY Christmas card idea. I could probably dig up some cute buttons for this super-cute card!

Artsy Craftsy Mom: DIY Diwali Card idea for kids

DIY Diwali Card idea for kids

Grades 5-7 End of the Year Memory Newspaper. 7 Pages to pick and choose from. This is a upbeat way to learn from your students at the end of the school year. Students complete a newspaper template highlighting their year in your class and leave with a keepsake that summarizes their experiences. $

End of the Year Activity: Memory Book Newspaper

Photo letters

Photo monogram Letter Spray paint wooden letter, print black and white photos on regular copy paper and use mod podge to glue them on and then brush mod podge over the entire thing. I love my MOD PODGE!

Craft Ideas for all: Diwali cardmaking craft activity for kids - make Divali cards and decorate with coloured foam shapes

It was Diwali yesterday and we celebrated it at a fun get-together organized by one of our friends. It has become an annual thing where all .

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