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Backyard fun: 10 Creative Ideas to Make an Outdoor Oasis for Kids this Summer Apartment Therapy

We love this idea, it would work really well in smaller gardens and courtyards.

A lovely flower pot display for the garden using an old ladder and potted plant colour. Would suit a patio or a small garden or balcony.

Making this for Ella ;; mud kitchen - simple, perfect= hours of play! I had one growing up!

14 Easy Ways to Make Your Backyard More Fun

I can easily imagine my kids spending countless hours playing with this DIY outdoor kitchen. Except I'll probably add gardening tools to it. My kids r obsessed with gardening flowers and watering cans.

Keep your sandbox covered and clean in between playtime by creating a roll-up cover. Staple a mesh tarp to one side and sew a pocket and slide a PVC pipe on the other end. Adhere Command(TM) Hooks onto the outside of the sandbox to hold the ends of the pipe when it is unrolled

I used to use a tarp stuck down with tent stakes but, well, you can see what happened. Every time I watered the lawn I got a mosquito breed.

Spark the kids’ interest in gardening with this mini allotment project.

Spark the kids’ interest in gardening with this mini allotment project.

Growing Herbs in different pots and baskets

patio garden, crown planter, topiary Get Lachlan to grow topiary bay leaf and rosemary

Wire rack storage lets all the water and sand fall out from sand or water play toys

Max would probably eat the dinosaurs! Old multi-tiered wire fruit & vegetable basket used to store animals near the outdoor sandpit (could also work to store natural elements like rocks, sticks & pinecones)