Popsicle Stick Superheroes - haha - so cute!

Popsicle Stick Superheroes - Kid Craft

Circle time song choice board! Children go up and remove the song they want and Velcro it to the "let's sing" spot!

Circle time song choice board: Children take the song they want and stick it on the "let's sing" spot.

Cute - use your child's hand to make a cake for a birthday card or remember the siz of their hand on their birthday

birthday cake handprint

birthday cake handprint - MollyMoo - crafts for kids and their parentsh. Would be really cute to have a big picture and add a birthday cake handprint each year.

Adventures of Adam Small World Role Play Number Tuff Spot

Farm and Harvest Tuff Spot Tuesday

The current Tuff Spot Tuesday theme September) is: Farm and Harvest Tuff Spot. Time to explore farms or harvest time within your Tuff Spot.

Five Little Men in a Flying Saucer Song Sheet (SB11650) - SparkleBox

I chose this nursery rhyme as its a more modern nursery rhyme as I have never heard it before. This nursery rhyme to me is about repetition and just a fun sing along. © Copyright SparkleBox Teacher Resources (UK) Ltd

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