FREE Printable labels for your Magic Reindeer Food and Santa's Key to put in your Christmas Eve Box!

How to Create a Christmas Eve Box

How to create a Christmas Eve Box for the kids! Reindeer Food and Santa's key, plus Christmas books, snacks, movies, pajamas and more ideas to inspire you!

Santa Hat Toss! I did a version of this by putting Santa hats over cones from the school yard, and made wreaths to toss, out of twisted coat hangers wrapped in holly tinsel. Got very competitive at the school fayre, kids loved it!

DIY Christmas games ~ you need a board for the bottom, party hats, cotton balls, black paint and I put some bling for Santa's belt.

There's no denying that a homemade gift is always special, but it's got to look homemade too! Kids often have a lot of talent at their fingertips - let it go!

12 Kids Craft Gifts That Look Homemade

reindeer candy canes - no instructions on site - easy to make; candy canes, yarn, googly eyes and red pom pom could also use pipe cleaners!

21 Amazing Christmas Party Ideas for Kids

21 Amazing Christmas Party Ideas for Kids

Great family game or school break up party! Rudolph Nose game (pin the nose) such a cute and fun activity for kids at school or on Christmas eve! You could even make a rudolph out of brown puff balls and pin the little red puff ball on it!

Teacher's Pet – Ideas & Inspiration for Early Years (EYFS), Key Stage 1 (KS1) and Key Stage 2 (KS2) | Reindeer Puppets

Christmas craft for kids ~ construction paper and googly eyes reindeer cover for chocolate bar or make out of toilet paper rolls

Choose a lucky shell A £1 coin under one of them. A jelly bean under the rest.

Choose a shell - fits perfectly with the seaside theme! coin under one shell, small sweet/smartie/jellybean under the others.

Hot Cocoa Cones

Four days to go till Christmas! Everyone& doing their shopping and buying Christmas presents for their loved ones. Are you done with Chris.