Posting pasta through holes! Now that takes some careful hand to eye coordination, so that the pasta doesn't snap!

During our last playdough activity I noticed that the children were very interested in snapping the candles being used to decorate their pla.

When the Gruffalo & friends came to school! - footprints, numeracy, measurement, non-standard measure, creative, maths, EYFS, Gruffalo. (Just done with cardboard cut outs of the characters footprints and baby talc sprinkled around them)

Print these footprints around the classroom - who is it? What clues do we have?

The Gruffalo. Super cute book

Make a Gruffalo mask: links to art and design. Read the book to discover the characterisitcs of The Gruffalo to make the mask e. wart on the end of his nose. Masks can then be used in drama to act out the story.

The Gruffalo Mask Set | WoWHoW

The Gruffalo Mask Set

favourite character graphing

Incorporating Mathematics into a well known story

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