Xmas ornaments 70's style...

- Vintage Christmas Ornaments SHINY BRITE BOX I am sooo fortunate to own tons of these, as handed down to me. Great childhood memories in each one.

Who wants to lick the beaters?

I have such fond memories of baking desserts with my mom as a child. When we were done, she would always give one beater to my older brother and one to me, to lick the extra batter. - I have such fond memories of baking desserts with.

Soap TV Show. Such disturbing humor. I loved it.

Soap (TV Series One of my favorite tv shows and watched it when I was way to young.

Children's Hankies, there were loads to choose from on the counters, bet most of us from this era got them for Christmas, birthdays!!

The Northampton, Market Harborough, Stamford, Olney, Leamington Spa & Stratford upon Avon Fairs

Ski yoghurt. The first yoghurt I ever tasted was Ski, hazelnut flavour, and I hated it. Now I love it, and hazelnut is my favourite flavour!

Ski - the first yoghurt - plain or hazelnut. Ski the full of fitness food!

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Bovril Crisps

Bovril crisps were fab. My grandma used to buy us Bovril flavour crisps.

Radox pine bath salts, with original contents, 1970s

Radox pine bath salts - vintage carton unopened with original contents c Mum's favourite way to relax

Silver Jubilee 1977

the Queen's Silver Jubilee. I had a dress with patch pockets embroidered with the queens jubilee