Knickerbocker glory, the dessert of childhood dreams! Very simple to prepare but impressive-looking – typical Mary Berry.

Knickerbocker glory

My absolutely favourite thing, brings back yummy childhood memories!

Knickerbocker Glory with Strawberries and Nuts | The Gastronomic BONG

Beat the heat w/ delicious British ice cream sundae made w/ layers of fresh strawberries, ice creams, and strawberry compote.

Knickerbocker Glory a rare holiday treat from my childhood.

Knickerbocker Glory, a famous holiday treat. Fresh berries, ice cream and whipped cream finished off with a couple of Piroulines with a cherry on top.

Knickerbocker glories at Notrianni's in Blackpool...

The wonder of seaside cafes: neon, nougat and knickerbocker glories

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