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One of the programmes we watched at school.

Classic Kids TV Shown in the UK in the - How many classic kids TV shows that were aired in the UK during the have you seen?

Rhoda - with Valerie Harper, a spin-off of Mary Tyler Moore's series

Loved the Rhoda show! Loved her fashion style! Rhoda's mom on the show was hilarious!

Monkey Magic

Monkey Magic TV show. I used to watch this with my mom & brothers after school. Monkey Magic is one of the many adaptations of one of China's 4 greatest literary works called 'Journey to the West'.

My Dad hated Bob but watched it with all the Grandchildren because they loved it.

BOD with PC Copper, Aunt Flo and not forgetting Alberto Frog and his amazing animal band! Ha now loads of girls wear their hair like Aunt Flo.

Wombles of Wimbeldom. Uncle Bulgaria, Madame Cholet, Tobermoray, Orinoco.  So this is a Womble!  They talked about them on Vicar of Dibley a lot, but I never knew what they were!

The Wombles. My favourite was Madame Cholet. I still remember the orange flavoured Madame Cholet toothpaste I got for Xmas.

Paper Play with Itsy and Bitsy

Paper Play with Itsy and Bitsy my favourite :-)

Vision On.

Vision On - I loved this TV programme, presented by brilliant artist Tony Hart and including special features for deaf children