"I AM ITS SECRET," FROM THE SERIES 'WOMEN OF ALLAH', 1993 by Shirin Neshat; photography

Shirin Neshat I am it's Secret, 1993 Fujicolor crystal archive print

Henna Art

LoveVivah: Mehandi represents the bond of matrimony and it is believed that the darker the mehndi stains on the bride’s hand, the stronger the bond will be with her husband. Do you believe in this tradition?


The Arabic mehndi designs are usually visible on wedding day and “Henna nights”. They also call Henna night as “the night before the wedding day“. “Henna nights” is the occasion wherein the friends.

The smudge is a ritual cleansing.

Bohemian Homes ~Smudging~ < I love White Sage sold in bundles. Be sure to fill your shell (or other holder) with sand in order to put out smudge bundle respectfully. (Water will waste your smudge and cause it to shed burning flakes when you next use it.

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