via tumblr | #mixed_media #collage Reminds me of Melinda Gibson's photo collages and Rene Magritte's surreal paintings.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Crazy Woman - Lisa Lara Bella by Marko Köppe. S) Forms of diffrent objects that construct (replace) face features. Combination of black and white photo image and bright colors of collage objects

On the edge - Mental Illness ripping to reveal what's hidden beneath... Interesting idea for a final piece involving mental illnesses or feelings

Lorena Cosba contrasting image of old and young

I love how Stephanie Jung captures the movement and tension of a city through her photography.

Multiple Exposures - Stephanie Jung

Stephanie Jung Photography - Berlin Vision is an illusion

Damien Blottiere collage

Damien Blottiere collage - A great artist to study if you like photography, composition and mixing tradition and digital media.

Damien Blottière photography. More

-Nice collage effect that could be used as a post animation Damien Blottière photography.

AS Photography Sketchbook, Brainstorm, 'Structure and Environment', Thomas Rotherham College, 2014

acrylic on black background

Paul Butler’s What’s Within series

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‘Time’ by John Clang I chose this piece because I like that every subject has a different purpose, and it shows the viewer that every person has a particular journey. I also like how the artist has captured a large time scale into one picture.

Photography installation by Angela Buenning Filo.

Photography installation by Angela Buenning Filo. Photos of students around campus

Documenting and exploring the photogram in this Photography sketchbook.

How to and Artist links: Anne Atkins, Adam Fuss, Mann Ray, Maholy-Nagy, Chadd and Susan Derges.

contact sheet

contact sheet

Gillian Wearing.  'Confess All On Video. Don’t Worry, You Will Be In Disguise. Intrigued? Call Gillian.'

What defines perfection?

AS Photography, A3 Cream Sketchbook, Photoshoot, ESA Theme Relationships, Thomas Rotherham College, 2014-15

AS Photography, Cream Sketchbook, Photoshoot, ESA Theme Relationships, Thomas Rotherham College

Photography: lesson plan exploring the use of found imagery in photography includes starter, main and plenary activity with link to the work of Stephen J Shanabrook, Laura White, Off Camera and Rebecca Chew exploring the concept of photographic sculpture

Paper surgery photography: Stephen J Shanabrook takes photographs of beautiful supermodels and turns them into grotesque monsters by toying with the idea of beauty.

A Level Photography exam prep by Michael Deville

A Level Photography: The Growing Population and a Futuristic New World

This A* high school Photography exam was completed by Michael Deville, while studying A Level Photography.

Creative Sketchbook: Abigail Reynolds' Folded Photography!

delicatematter: “ Abigail Reynolds The Universal Now: Post Office Tower 1989 / 1999 cut and tiled paper book plates ”