L train — which runs between the East Village and B-burg (talk like a local) — nicknamed the hipster express.


The Candy Store, New York City; Oil on canvas; Richard Estes 1969 Richard Estes’ photorealistic painting style is all about overcoming inertia. For years, Estes has patrolled the streets of New York with a camera, shootin.

Richard Estes.

Richard Estes - Richard Estes's paintings generally consist of reflective, clean, and inanimate city and geometric landscapes.

Richard Estes

Tour Bus of theWorld Trade Center - Richard Estes / obviously a poignant location with the connotations of the terrible atrocity that occurred there ‼️

Richard Estes, grand luncheonette new york city 1960s (oil on canvas). Master of Photo-Realism

leftoverlondoner: denisebefore: Richard Estes: Grand Luncheonette New York City Oil on Canvas 1969 Oil on canvas!