floating lanterns...would love to see this one day

Funny pictures about Amazing Floating Lantern Festival in Thailand. Oh, and cool pics about Amazing Floating Lantern Festival in Thailand. Also, Amazing Floating Lantern Festival in Thailand.

kitty yoga :)

"I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it’s the thing I like most, to laugh. It cures a multitude of ills. It’s probably the most important thing in a person.

Photo taken through frame. How cute

I like the beach frame idea!

Ko Thao, Thailand

Seaside Lanterns in Ko Tao, Thailand. I would seriously die if i ever got to go to Thailand.


Reminds me of my kitties…

one big eye.another big eye.two big eyes.two small eyes.

shore break - photographer unknown

PICTURES: Hawaii Five-Woah! Incredible Pictures Capture Waves’ Array Of Colours

Photographers Nick Selway, and CJ Kale, took photos of waves at the exact moment they broke and crashed onto shore in Hawaii to remind people of the beauty of nature.

Does it get any cuter?


cute kids - little boy - hug - cuddle - smile - dog


self portrait :) But really, this is a great idea. Give the kid a camera and then take photos of him taking photos. oh my gosh! so cute!

I see you

And now that I brought that name up, idk whether to be sad about Hedwig or happy about this adorable picture :-\ What they fail to realize is that this is a barn owl, not a snowy owl ~Sabrina

The Cutest Little Kitten in the World

The Cutest Little Kitten in the World

“Kitten Observes Transit of Bubbles”. (Photo and caption by Ben Torode)

Lantern in the snow.

Image detail for -candle, lantern, light, photography, snow - inspiring picture on Favim .

From dearphotograph.com... love it!

dear photograph - website of lined up photographs

Rainy Days & Mondays: Umbrella Stand Roundup

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Art and photography such as this can have a big impact on society. Photographs like these allow people to realize the kind of destruction of our environment is happening. This picture is also an example of a clear cut deforestation technique where all tre


Took Mia to the zoo this weekend! She couldn't get enough of this tiger. and he couldn't get enough of her! Naturalite Moms like to visit the zoo and are almost twice as likely than other women to do so likely a result of having children in the family.


I love Bokeh photography (and a good book:) Nice Bokeh effect. Bokeh should never distract, but enhance your main subject.