game of jacks

How to play Jacks - loved this game during recess - best played with golf ball.

Playground Jump Rope with multiple children...To this day, among my fondest of memories...Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, turn around...

Typical girls known as "pigtailers" jumping rope during recess. Location: Cleveland, OH, US Date taken: May 1946

How shops used to be

The old drapery shop , where you bought your underwear. Before Marks and Spencer. You had to be served in a drapery shop It was so unnerving and the selection was gross. Thank goodness for Marks and Spencers in the Sixties.


Metal Puzzles - I always got a set for Christmas or birthday, kept you quite for hours, sometimes you managed to get them apart by brute force.

Smith's Crisps in greaseproof paper packet with separate blue paper twist containing salt. Yup it was crisps plus work.

Smith's Crisps with the blue salt bag. Do you remember them.

Growing up quotes

20 things your mum use to say. Not only can I remember my mum saying these. I have also said them to my son at one point or another!