Inspiration for my new story where we peep into the life of a re-organized Hell, ran by the eccentric CEO, Luke Seyton.
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Being awesome, amazing, and oh so good looking ... like a boss. #doctorwho #thedoctor #davidtennant

the awesome thing for me is I live less than half an hour from the theatre this was filmed in, I've been there too many times to count. So every time this theatre pops up in the show I die a little because I've sat right there

Reading "Dante's Inferno" was a nightmare. This handy chart may be better than Cliff Notes!

valkyriesvagina: spookyemporium: Dante’s Inferno map by somnium-maris The Nine Circles of Hell planes underworld…

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PHOTOS: David Tennant By Ellis Parrinder Three previously unseen photos of David Tennant released by Ellis Parrinder from a photoshoot in