Squash pot stickers

Squash Pot Stickers

Squash pot stickers (Stuff wonton wrappers with mashed squash for a tasty dish kids can eat with their fingers; serve with sesame-soy sauce.

Chickpea burgers

Chickpea Burger

The ingredients in this vegetarian burger require no precooking. Simply combine them in a food processor and cook. Minus the whole wheat english muffin theses sound great

Cheesy bean burgers

Cheesy bean burgers

Cheesy Butter Bean Burgers -- BBC -- ingredient amounts close to my old recipe; add smoked paprika and use golden cracker crumbs in patties instead of breadcrumbs; no flour/egg dip

Congee with bok choy

Weekday Vegetarian: Congee with Bok Choy

Polenta with tomato chickpea sauce

Polenta with Savory Tomato Chickpea Sauce

Hot polenta and a savory chickpea-tomato sauce are topped with thin, crispy slices of zucchini.