Mtboxand Pallet

Mtboxand Pallet

Buyers and Sellers of new and reusable pallets. Bespoke pallets and cases made as per requirements. Firewood / Kindling, give us a shout.
Mtboxand Pallet
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The Greeks : a crucible of civilization. This site contains information on Pericles’ life and Athens in the fifth century, Cleisthenes and more.

Marble portrait bust of Pericles [c BC], Athenian statesman century BC, said to be from Tivoli, Lazio, Italy)

Head of Herakles, marble, Roman, Imperial period, 1st century. Copy of Greek statue of the 4th century BC.

Head of Herakles - Roman marble Imperial period, century AD, original Greek statue of the century BC

detail. river god.   the river Tiber. Vatican museum.

Sculpture titled “River Tiber” in the Vatican Museum. It is an Imperial Roman period sculpture of a river god reclining with a jug on rocks near a stream.

Ancient Greek Warrior

Regilla ⚜ Ancient Greek Warrior - men are made to be warriors. Men are made to be men, and being a man is good. ITS GREAT BEING GREEK

Ares. Roman marble after a Greek original ca.420.B.C. Hermitage Museum.

Ares is the god of war. Any battle of scuffle of that time, he was usually called upon for help to make them victorious. Head of Ares - after Greek original by Alkamenes 420 B.C, at the State Hermitage Museum, Saint-Petersburg