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Living room in bohemian colors

Velvet Eccentric ‘modern bohemian’ interiors collection - I love all the color! Don't be afraid of color!

Something about this room makes me smile - the colours are so cheerful . . . I would never do this, but it is pretty

like the couch cover and colors! I wouldn't have thought of these Colors for a living room! But, it looks amazing! LOVE THE CEILING

Love the colors here!

Beautiful Home Color Design to Your House: Rustic Living Room Decor With Triad Yellow Green Red Blue Ideas Decorated With Wooden Flooring And Traditional Furniture Design Ideas.this room screams happy & positive

Country living room with candy pink sofa and mix-and-match cushions

Alwinton Corner Sofa Handmade Fabric

This comfy pink sofa covered with favourite throws and cushions creates a cosy, relaxing style

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