Robert Rauschenberg — The story has happened; there is nothing left to tell, except for what the artist says.

Robert Rauschenberg was an American painter and graphic artist whose early works anticipated the pop art movement. Rauschenberg is well known for his "Combines" of the in which non-traditional materials and objects were employed in innovative combinations

Robert Rauschenberg ~ Tracer (detail), 1963 (oil and silkscreen on canvas) (one of of my 'old friends' at the nelson)

Robert Rauschenberg ~ Tracer (detail), 1963 (oil and silkscreen on canvas) (one of of my 'old friends' at the nelson)

Robert Rauschenberg. Estate, 1963. Love the indirect storytelling. My favorite thing about art is how it challenges the audience.

Robert Rauschenberg Estate Oil and silkscreen on canvas 1963 In the collection of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia PA.

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Robert Rauschenberg, First Time Painting (created live during a performance at the American Embassy theater in Paris), 1961

Robert Rauschenberg .

Robert Rauschenberg's "Octave," a painting/mixed media work from is in Seattle Art Museum's collection.

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Robert Rauschenberg - Pilgrim, mixed mediums with wooden chair This is the same as the chairs I have at home

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Robert Rauschenberg.

Known for his collage and Combine paintings, Robert Rauschenberg is one the most inspiring and enduring Modern artists of all time.

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Robert Rauschenberg Almanac 1962 © The estate of Robert Rauschenberg/VAGA, New York and DACS, London 2002

ROBERT RAUSCHENBERG - WORKS ON METAL #RobertRauschenberg #exhibition #contemporaryaArt #GagosianGallery #BeverlyHills

Robert Rauschenberg - Works on Metal

Robert Rauschenberg, Factum I. 1957, Combine painting: oil, ink, pencil, crayon, paper, fabric, newspaper, printed reproductions, and painted paper on canvas. 61-1/2 x 35-3/4’

Robert Rauschenberg: Combines

Robert Rauschenberg - Tracer 1964

Robert Rauschenberg - Tracer, Oil and silkscreen ink on canvas - owned by the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, MO