Murder at the Manor

Party planning ideas for our 6-14 player Murder Mystery Flexi-Party game Murder at the Manor. Use fruit, silver and velvet to create a decadent setting.
48 Pins
a female tennis player in action on the court
A typical day in life of ANNETTE HITITOVA...
a woman is sitting in the doorway of a shed with potted plants and flowers
One Die-Hard Collector Reveals Her 10 Favorite Gardening Finds
LADY GARDINER loves nothing more than getting stuck in...
a chalkboard sign that has different types of writing on it, including the words elegant fonts
10 Free Elegant Fonts with easy download links - use for menus, place cards, name tags, etc.
a young man wearing a hat and holding an old fashioned pitchfork
Ant & Dec's 25 years in showbusiness
Oh look, it's NED SADLER. Isn't it?
an old stone house with white windows and a large tree in the front yard area
Heathcliff Manor - the scene of the crime.
a man standing in the middle of a field with a dog
A working life: gamekeeper
It's not BUCK SHOTT, but it looks very much like him...
the classical collection vol 1 by vanessa - mae, cd cover art
Vanessa-Mae: The Classical Collection - Part 1
Set the scene with background music by Dee Minor - sorry, Vanessa Mae.
Artichoke place cards! Flowers, Autumn Table, Place Cards, White Plates, Place Card, Ribbon, Table Decorations, Fall Table
Printable Watercolor Place Cards
Artichoke place cards!
the man is looking through a magnifying glass in front of his face while wearing a hat and gloves
Don't worry...Inspector Denaux is on the case!
a woman with long blonde hair holding a book
Misty Visions, fortune teller.
a mannequin wearing a black and white apron
French Maid Apron
A stylish take on the French Maid costume for Cinders | Etsy, $38.75