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Lauren Jameson

Lauren Jameson
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If I ever got a rose tattoo it would have to look something like this. Or maybe I could use the feather idea for a Native American heritage commemorative tattoo and instead of a rose use the Sunflower I've been wanting for so long.... hmmm a lot of inspiration in this one tattoo.

I absolutely love this idea with the rose and dream catcher combined! I want it! But make the Rose yellow for growing up in Texas and the dream catcher for my New Mexico roots.

Okay.. I'm a tattoo lover.. and while this is freakin' insanely awesome, I'm cringing. O.o

Funny pictures about Now that's a crazy tattoo. Oh, and cool pics about Now that's a crazy tattoo. Also, Now that's a crazy tattoo.

Example of Eye Tattoo Designs: Tree Eyes Tattoo Design ~ Tattoo Design Inspiration

The Lidless Eye Tattoo Design this is one of those tattoos that it is impossible to tear your eyes away. Find out the meaning of eye tattoo, the meaning of this

Sick lion tattoo design. #tattoo #tattoos #ink

MINE! Getting this on my thigh maybe a little altered ! Such a Sick lion tattoo design. But I really think it's a spotted leopard and not a lion.