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Top 15 Islamic Childrens Books - Our favourites of 2016

Top 15 Islamic Childrens Books: this is our own personal list from the books we have at home. There are plenty of books that are now available.

Making Ramadan fun for children

Making Ramadan fun for children - Muslim Mummy

Choose a verse from Qu'ran trace your child's hand and print the verse on it...laminate and then make the supplication after prayers for the children...change it frequently

How to pray for your children . pick a Bible verse to pray for the year with your child in mind, trace your child's hand, write the verse on the hand, laminate and use as a bookmark in your Bible.

Ramadan Moroccan Lanterns <3

Salaam Aleikum, The days go by so fast now, can't believe its almost been a week since the start of Ramadan!) with these cute little Ramadan M.

Ramadan Countdown Treat Boxes. – Simply Impressions by Fawzia Ghafoor Khawaja - Islamic Wall Decals, Stickers, Wall Art, and Contemporary designs for your any room.

Ramadan Count Down Treat Boxes Count down Ramadan with our festive treat boxes and number decals. When it is time to break for fast reward your children daily with their favorite treats, gifts, or money.