Gamification Infographic - Did you know that 70% of Forbes'Global 2000 have plans to use Gamification? Do you think it's the next Super Trend?

A new infographic by Demand Metric has revealed some impressive numbers relating to how gamification is being used by brands. Scroll down to see the full infographic.

Creative Customized Designs for Display Screens

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Signages, Digital Signage, The O'jays

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Happy Holidays and Happy New Year 2016

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Digital signage solutions provider Mvix has partnered with Baja Bistro, a Washington, D.-area quick-service restaurant specializing in fresh Mexican and southwestern food, for a digital makeover, the company announced today.

Digital Signage for the Modern Gym: A Digital Fitness Experience

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Few keys to video wall success include: first digital signage can reduce perceived wait times and digital video can reach up to of your clientele.

Greeter Boards via Digital Signage Screens

Digital signage for the holidays has the potential to boost sales significantly and enhance the customer experience. Incorporate holiday-themed videos etc.

Cloud-based software & content are just 2 of 10 digital signage features that are a must-have in order to get the most out of the technology.