Good parent visual for parent/teacher conferences -- and for the kids Could present in a more fun way

Good parent visual for parent/teacher conferences -- and for the kids!Good parent visual for parent/teacher conferences -- and for the kids!

Might also be good for inside books- If you liked this you will love....

Book recommendation display - maybe I could do this in our great idea for school library and class book shelves

Use framed or laminated speech bubbles and dry erase markers to display inspirational quotes.

Here's a really cute idea. Frame quote bubbles, use a dry erase marker to write funny things your kids say. When you are ready to switch the quotes, have the child take a picture with their quote and make a photo book of quotes. Our own quote board?

Kathy Rice's wonder wall - laminated speech bubbles that the kids can wipe off and change.

Wonder wall- laminated speech bubbles+dry erase markers, wonders change all the time

Reading corner. I really like this reading corned and think it would be great to have in the classroom. Students could read a book in this nook during center time. They will feel comfortable and happy to be in the reading hut reading a book.

I am going back and forth between a jungle theme, garden theme, or carnival theme for my first classroom. I LOVED this "Reading Hut" idea. From: Classroom Library - Rocking Kids

happy new beginnings | snippets of sheila

happy new beginnings

One of the aspects of my job (as Library Tech. in a Secondary library) that I love, is the creative freedom to promote our books and services. I have a not-so-secret stash of prepped bulletin board…

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