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Making sushi 101 [Gintama]

Making sushi 101 [Gintama] the masterchef: sakata gintoki

I've never seen this species

I've never seen this species<<<it's the near extinct species, The JackMeowDaw. Very rare and has no relation whatsoever to the bird Jackdaw

An honest miSTEAK - 9GAG

An honest miSTEAK <<< I've really got a BEEF with that pun. <<<< wow guys, no need to have a cow.

Top 10 Funniest One-Punch Man Memes That are Gonna Make Your Day

The thing is, Saitama was not bald when he was a kid, he had black hair. He only went bald after his 3 year training. So anyone who makes these memes are either very stupid or have never watched the anime or read the manga.

Monster Hunter - Baby Monsters 2 by macawnivore

Monster Hunter - Baby Monsters 2 by macawnivore on deviantART # creature character

WTF’s going on in these photos?

Funny Selfies Of The Day Lesson of the story, don't wear sunglasses in selfies.